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The Grave Maurice A Richard Jury Novel

Autor:( Grimes, Martha: )

Verlag: New York, Onyx Book a division of Penguin Group, 2003.

Gewicht: 350 Gramm

Titel: The Grave Maurice A Richard Jury Novel

Content: In a pub called the Grave Maurice, Melrose Plant overhears the intriguing story of fifteen-year-old Nell Ryder, granddaughter of the owner of Ryder Stud Farm in Cambridgeshire, the heart of Britain`s racing world. The girl was abducted nearly two years before and has never been heard from since. The tale is especially fascinating to Melrose Plant because the girl`s father is Richard Jury`s surgeon. Recuperating from gunshot wounds, Jury is in dire need of something to occupy his time, even if the case is as cold as a case can get... until another murder heats it up again.


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