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Leonardo da Vinci

Autor:( Vollmer, Emil and Istituto Geografico De Agostini: )

Verlag: New York, Reynal & Company, 1961.

Gewicht: 2500 Gramm

Titel: Leonardo da Vinci

This volume is the most complete and authoritative work ever produced on Leonardo. It was originally published in Italy by the Istituto Geografico De Agostini just before the war, in conjunction with the famous exhibition of Leonardo`s work in Milan in 1938. Recently Emil Vollmer, the German publisher, joined with the Istituto and re-edited the volume, making entirely new illustration plates from which this edition is printed. The quality throughout is greatly improved over the original edition, particularly in respect to the color reproductions, which are of unusual faithfulness and beauty. The translation into English has been made and edited by a group of experts. It has been thoroughly checked abd approved by scholars, and has been brought up-to-date where new discoveries about Leonardo and his work have been made. Leonardo was the foremost genius of the Italian Renaissance, and perhaps the most versatile genius that ever lived. (...) Leonardo explored all the fields of human knowledge, many of which were hitherto unknown, that were available to Renaissance man, and this work is a tribute to the universality of his mind.


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