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The complete work of Michelangelo

Autor:( Salmi, Mario, Charles de Tolnay Umberto Baldini a. o.: )

Verlag: New York, Reynal and Company in association with William Morrow and Company, 1966.

Gewicht: 2500 Gramm

Titel: The complete work of Michelangelo

This is the most magnificent and most comprehensive volume ever published on Michelangelo and his work. It is a companion volume to the monumental work on Leonardo da Vinci published in 1956 which has now reached a sale of 90,000 copies. Michelangelo and Leonardo were the two great geniuses of the Italian Renaissance and this book, like on on Leonardo, brings the full scope of the artist`s achievements vividly to life. Compiled by outstanding Michaelangelo scholars under the direction of Mario Salmi of the University of Rome and Vice President of the Council of Antiquities and Fine Arts, this volume covers the entire range of Michelangelo (...).


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