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Dutch Painters of the 19th Century

Autor:( Norman, Geraldine: )

Verlag: Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, Baron Publishing, 1973.

Gewicht: 2000 Gramm

Titel: Dutch Painters of the 19th Century

This very readable contemporary account of Dutch painting in the 19th century is a unique contribution by a man who was a friend or acquaintance of most of the later artists. Written at the turn of the century (1903) it gives fascinating insight into contemporary artist`s attitudes and provides perspectives which have not yet been achieved by modern appreciation of the period. A valuable basic work of reference, full of suggestions for new collecting interests. It is heavily illustrated and there are captions provided by the Editor, Geraldine Norman, who is saleroom Correspondence of The Times. Das Buch ist in einem sehr guten Zustand/ very good condition.


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