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Rembrandt Paintings Translated by Heinz Norden

Autor:( Gerson, Horst: )

Verlag: New York, Reynal & Company, Amsterdam, Meulenhoff International, 1968.

Gewicht: 3000 Gramm

Titel: Rembrandt Paintings Translated by Heinz Norden

Many years in preparation, Rembrandt paintings is a definitive presentation of the master`s work. Horst Gerson, one of the world`s foremost authorities on Rembrandt, combines impeccable scholarship with a lucid style. His text examines the artis and his world and offers the reader a new image - in many ways a startling one - of Rembrandt`s life and art. The central theme of Rembrandt Paintings is a historical - and human - problem of fascination: How is a surpassing genius like Rembrandt related to the other artists of his day and the world around him? What did he leran from his teachers, and what did he pass on to his pupils? How did he behave toward his competitors in the art world of his time, and what did he think of their work? Was the course of Rembrandt`s career in art influenced by his tragic life?


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